Warm congratulations are certainly in order for Xandy Kamel, the esteemed Ghanaian actress and TV show host, as reports indicate that she has joyfully welcomed a newborn baby.

In a TikTok video that she shared, Xandy was captured engaging in a workout routine while proudly displaying her baby bump.

Earlier this year, subsequent to her complex divorce from her former spouse, Kaninji, Xandy openly revealed that she had successfully moved forward and found solace in a new romantic partnership.

During an interview with Zionfelix, Xandy spoke warmly of her new partner and baby’s father, describing him as caring, affectionate, and treating her with the utmost respect, akin to a cherished princess.

Further insight shared by Xandy unveiled that her partner resides abroad but makes biannual visits to spend valuable time together.

Cheers to Xandy for the arrival of her precious bundle of joy. This heartwarming chapter in her life serves as a reminder that not every journey in relationships concludes with happiness. Sometimes, such experiences lead us to discover our soulmates along the way.

Watch the video below:



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