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Ghana like any other country has a rich name which no one can take from her.


Before 6th March,1957 Ghana was called Gold Coast,a name given to us by our Colonial masters.


The beginning of the name”Gold Coast” has it own history:it was given by the white man because of what of what they came to found on the land, Gold and the willingness of the people to exchange Gold with the white man product such as gun powder ,glass , clothing etc. What this is means Gold Coast by then and as it is now was rich with Gold.




However,in 1957 our fathers decided to change the from Gold Coast to Gana(Ghana) why was it important to change the Gold Coast to Ghana . It important because our Patriotic fathers to have self identity and absolute independence they wanted.

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Historically, the name “Gana”(Ghana) was chosen as follows


1.To identify the current region with the old Ghana empire which arose and feel during the eleventh century. It was believed that the people of Gana empire migrated to the current region.


2.The second reason why Ghana was chosen was the economic connection between the old Ghana empire and current region. The old Ghana empire was known for its rich mineral deposit such as gold,iron, copper, diamond etc. This made our fathers to think that it’proper to give the old name to it current region.


3.The third reason why Ghana was chosen is the fact that the “Gana”is said to mean as “warrior king” and since our forefathers were fighting against the Colonia rule it would be better to use the name”Gana”(Ghana)



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