Management In Living WASSCE Questions (Part 4)



Management in living paper will be written on Thursday, 31st August, 2023. Let’s take a look at the likely examination questions.

These are theory questions. Candidates are advised to go through these questions carefully. These questions are likely to drop in the final paper.

Question 1

a. Explain the term goals

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b. Explain the following types of goals and give two examples each
i. Long term goals

ii. Short term goals

iii. Intermediate goal

iv. Means end goals

Question 2

a. Explain five ways of acquiring a house

b. State five factors to consider when choosing an already built house

c. Describe five ways of improving on the storage system in the kitchen

Question 3

a. State five sings and symptoms of HIV/AIDS

b. Explain two ways through which people can be infected with HIV/AIDS

c. Explain three effects each of HIV/ AIDS on the following i. The individual ii. The family.

d. Suggests four ways of preventing HIV/AIDS infection.

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Question 4

a.  Explain the term sanitation

b. Explain the three types of drainage system

c. Describe four ways individual households can take care of their own household refuse

d. Describe how to control cockroaches in the home.

Question 4

a. Outline step by step procedure for cleaning the following spaces in the home

i. Bedroom ii. Sitting room iii. Kitchen

b. Describe how to make/lay a bed

Question 5.

a. State five characteristics of dust.

b. State three reasons for removing dust from surfaces.

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Question 6

a. What are local cleaning agents?

b. State two qualities of a good detergent

c. Describes how to special clean a dirty aluminium saucepan using charcoal and lemon

Question 7

a. Differentiate between the term floor covering and floor finish.

b. Describe how to thoroughly clean a linoleum.



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