Go beyond prayers to dispel drug use tag – Vida Adutwumwaa tells Efya



She emphasized that these baseless rumors have hindered Efya’s ability to secure deals and capitalize on various opportunities.

“I know my daughter, I tell her not to take it in but pray about it, it will die off. The stories break her because these are instances where you are working on something to push her and these things come up.

“There was an instance we were working on a huge project and such news broke out. If you are an investor and you want to invest in a person and you hear such things, whether it is true or not, before you say jack, you may have taken a step back to check it,” Nanahemaa Adwoa Awindor explained.

Speaking on UTV Showbiz Night, Mrs. Adutwumwaa expressed her concern that these drug use allegations have negatively impacted Efya’s brand credibility and reputation.

She suggested that it would be in Efya’s best interest to address this issue more directly by taking legal action against those spreading these rumors.

“Efya has been tagged with drug use for a long time and it is unhealthy for her brand, she has not come out to debunk these speculations by suing anyone which has left these comments still lingering in the minds of people,” Mrs. Adutwumwaa commented.

“I will advise that the support from her mother should go beyond prayers and tackle the issue from the core by dragging persons who speculate the false tags to court to disbar her brand from the dents caused.”

In essence, Mrs. Adutwumwaa is suggesting that Efya should take a proactive approach to clear her name by legally addressing those who are spreading these unfounded rumors, rather than relying solely on prayers and hoping that the issue will fade away over time.



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