Ghanaians & Expatriates fleeing country over economic hardship  



 The Herald has picked up reports that many Ghanaians are fleeing the country to seek greener pastures abroad, because life has become very unbearable for them here.

They are mostly heading to Canada and Australia with their families, especially with their children, because immigration rules are not as stringent as in the United States and United Kingdom.

Aside, the Ghanaians, this paper has picked up reports that expatriates, especially Indian businessmen are also relocating from Ghana to Dubai, as well as some African countries, especially neighbouring Cote D’Ivoire  as their businesses have suffered a downward spiral with their capital gone, while profit is also not coming.

The restaurants owned by foreigners are said to have been severely hit with owners selling these eateries to enable them leave Ghana to try their luck elsewhere, The Herald learnt.

Several people, especially professionals like nurses, have relocated from Ghana to places like Canada, America, the UK and others, as a way of escaping the growing economic hardship in Ghana.

Two weeks ago, a family of four, including two children, left Ghana onboard Qatar Airways to Doha on their way to Australia where they live and work, insisting Ghana has become very difficult for them.

Last week photos emerged concerning the entrance of one of the country’s biggest foreign embassies.

In photos shared by a journalist at Metro TV, Annie Ampofo, on Twitter, scores of people are captured standing in long, winding queues waiting for their turns to meet up with officials of the US Embassy in Accra.

But even more concerning are the details the journalist shared that the visa seekers, were standing in the open space, although it was drizzling.

There are no umbrellas or signs of anyone wearing raincoats as they defy the weather and wait in the queues to speak with the consular.

It was also gathered from one of the photos that the tarred road is wet from signs of rains, having poured down not too long ago.

Annie Ampofo, however, questioned why foreign embassies in Ghana treat citizens of their host country badly, asking how long it will persist.

“Why do foreign Embassies treat us this badly… This is the American Embassy… how long will this continue???

“Actually, it was drizzling when this pick was taken…” she wrote on her Twitter page.



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