Full Statistics Of The 2023 GES Promotion Exams



On Thursday, 17th August, 2023, the Ghana Education Service(GES) released the promotion exams results for teachers who sat for this year’s promotion aptitude test.

Let’s take a look at the full statistics of the exams


Eighty thousand, eight hundred and ten(80,810) teachers sat for the examination. Out of this number, 55,917 candidates representing 69% were successful. This means 31% representing 24,893 teachers failed.


For the Deputy Director grade, 8,565 candidates took the test, out of which 4,655 representing 54% passed. 46% of the candidates, representing 3,910 failed.

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For Assistant Director I grade, 25,556 candidates took the test out of which 21,749 representing 85% were successful. This was a great passing record. However, 15% failed representing 3,807 teachers failed.


Candidates who sat for the promotion to Assistant Director II grade were 40,020 out of which 24,581 representing 61% passed. 15,439 teachers however failed here which represents 39%.


For the Principal Superintendent grade, a total of 6,668 candidates sat for the test out of which 74% being 4,932 candidates were successful. 26% of the teachers failed.


The Ghana Education Service has a system for teachers who have been in the teaching field for a long time. Promotion examination is being conducted each year. Teachers are being promoted after every four years. It is not an automatic promotion. Teachers need to sit for an examination and pass before being promoted. It used to be an interview. Teachers who fail need to wait for the following year’s examination before writing again.


1. Director General
2. Deputy Director General
3. Director I
4. Director Il
5. Deputy Director
6. Assistant Director I
7. Assistant Director II
8. Principal Superintendent
9. Senior Superintendent I
10. Senior Superintendent II
11. Superintendent I
12. Superintendent II
13. Pupil Teacher.

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How to check GES promotion result

To check the results of the GES promotion results, follow the procedure below. Note that, it will cost GHS10.00 to access the result online per candidate.

1. Visit GES Promotion Portal via https://gespromotions.gov.gh

2. Click on Buy eVoucher Card

Fill in the appropriate details and confirm the payment on your mobile device

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3. Proceed to the Promotions Login Page and enter your Staff ID and the eVoucher code you received on your mobile device.

4. Finally, click on Submit to access your promotion status

According to the Ghana Education Service, a text message will be sent to all candidates who sat for the exams to indicate whether they were successful
or not.

Also the Ghana Education Service revealed that the promotion website will NOT be accessible this year. Formal promotion letters will be released in due course



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