6,481 Out Of 7,728 Teachers Fail 2023 Teacher Licensure Exams; Check Your Result Here



Out of the 7,728 candidates who sat for the 2023 teacher licensure resit examination, only 1277 passed. 6,481 failed to meet the pass mark.

The number of candidates who failed the exams represents 83.5% of the total candidates who sat for the exams.

The Council said the results will be released on Tuesday, June 20, 2023, excluding those of some candidates which have been withheld pending investigations.

A pre-release interview with the Registrar of GTLE, Dr Christian Addai-Poku, indicated that all the candidates had sat for the exam at least twice, with some sitting for as many as nine times.

Dr Addai-Poku explained that candidates who would fail at their last chance and would want to continue to resit the exam, would be those with first degree, saying “those with diploma will be required to upgrade themselves to acquire a first degree before they can resit the exam”.

“We are reforming and restructuring the examination and we will start it this year with those who have qualified to write it for the first time,” he added.

He said unlike the current examination where the candidates were examined in numeracy, literacy and professional skills, this time around, they would have to be examined in the specific area of speciality.

Dr Addai-Poku further explained that a candidate who aspired to teach geography must, in addition to the three areas, be examined in geography.

Candidates who failed but do not accept such results could apply for remarking. According to the Registrar, the fixed GH₵600 Ghana teacher licensure examination (GTLE) script remarking fee will be paid by the interested candidates to the National Teaching Council’s (NTC) account at designated banks.


1. First visit the NTC Portal Result: exams.ntc.gov.gh/

2. Then click on the “Check Result” tab

3. You can directly access the NTC Portal Result here: exams.ntc.gov.gh/results

4. Then enter the Serial Number and PIN on the voucher payment receipt given to you at the bank during the registration process, to login.

5. If you do not remember the serial number or pin, no problem don’t panic. Just click on the “Forgotten Details” Link below the “Submit” button”. This would take you to the recovery page where you can login with your email and phone number or Exams ID and Phone number.

2022 Teacher Licensure Exams Results Out

6. On the recovery page, you can either login with the email address and phone number you used for the registration or your Exam ID and phone number. Whichever one you choose to use, just click the “Submit” after entering it.

7. After logging into the NTC Result Portal, you would see your dashboard with your details and exams result on it.

8. Then Click on the print button to print your NTC exams Result.

Also, Candidates can also obtain their results at the colleges of education where they sat for the examination. Those who failed the examination would be required to join the next batch to write the examination this year. Candidates will resit only course(s) that they failed.


The NTC is mandated by Section 9 of the Education Act, 2008 (Act 778) to improve the professional standing and status of teachers, license and register teachers in Ghana.

The first-ever teacher licensure examination was written in September 2018.

The purpose of the examination is to enable qualified teachers to acquire a professional licence and also attract excellent young graduates from the universities and colleges of education who have the required professional knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to deliver effectively in schools.




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