2023 School Selection Process To Begin Next Week



The 2023 school selection process will officially begun on Wednesday, 23rd August, 2023. This is just one week away. This school selection process is expected to end on  4th September, 2023. It is a 11-day exercise.

Here’s is everything you need to know.

This exercise will take place in various Regional, District Education Directorates and Schools.

Before the school selection process begins, short videos and flyers will be made available to the media(TV, radio newspapers), so that it can serve as a guide to students. Parents and guidance are particularly advised to take a keen interest in the selection of school processes and be involved for a smooth placement this year.


Once you have selected your schools, GES will open a mobile short code to help students confirm and verify their selections.

First, you can dial *899*88# and follow the instructions to verify choices made via USSD.

Second, you can confirm and verify your school selection on the verification portal https://csspsverify.com

Once you are on the page, you have to Enter your index number & date of birth to see your selections. The verification and confirmation has commenced.

Candidates should note that this is not a new process of school selection and therefore schools cannot be changed except there is an error that needs to be rectified

BECE graduates must also know that all senior high schools in Ghana are being grouped into the following categories, Categories A, B, C and D. Also all Technical and Vocational Education and Training institutions have been categorised into A, B and C, and added to SHS/ SHTS.

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There is a cut-off grade for each senior high school in Ghana. Each senior high school in the country falls within a category, namely; A, B, C and D. 2023 BECE candidates must get good grades in order to get admission into the best senior high schools in the country

The SHS placement is based on merits from the BECE aggregate and the best choices made after following the CSSPS guidelines.

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